Defeat Migraine with Ayurveda

In migraine, there is severe pain on one side of the head at a certain period of time with digestion and neurological disorders. Some people experience the attack of migraine daily whereas others may have it once or twice a month. In some cases, the duration of the attack may last between 4-72 hours. The attack of the migraine can distract the mind and can also disturb the normal activities and spoil general well being. Although, migraine can vary.

A migraine is a common form of headache that can be seen in nearly 15% of the population.

Several people are suffering from unwanted headaches and the actual cause of severe migraine is not yet found. From man to woman, minor to major and infants to mature, everybody is facing migraine issues. Many people say there is a nervous system problem whereas some of them consider the sleeping pattern as a reason. According to the studies, there is a hereditary component behind the migraine. Perhaps the modern diet, environment, relationship, burden, and our work pressure may be the predominant reason for the headache. Moreover, women are more likely to suffer from migraines than men.

·         Migraine with Aura

·         Migraine without aura

·         Chronic migraine

·         Menstrual migraine

·         Hemiplegic migraine

·         Migraine with brainstem aura

·         Migraine and vertigo

·         Abdominal migraine

·         Cyclical vomiting syndrome

Although, a variety of pain relievers are available in the market to treat migraine.

Usually, the painkillers considered as the most effective treatment for the migraine but prolonged use of painkillers may cause severe side effects. To cut the migraine from the root, Ayurveda provides safe and permanent treatment. It has various effective remedies to cure migraine. Here are a few solutions to help this severe problem.

1.  Ayurvedic treatment- Shirolepa and Shiro Dhara

Ayurvedic treatments, Shirolepa, and Shiro Dhara are the most popular treatments for all sorts of migraine. In Shirolepa treatment, there is an application of paste containing various herbal items including sandalwood, camphor, jatamansi and many more. Shiro Dhara is the process of pouring thin to thick liquid over the forehead for a specific amount of time.

2.  Herbs

Ayurveda is commonly known for natural herbs that include a huge number of trees and plants that guarantee for 100% relief from migraine. These herbs may include kumari, Mallika, Bala, sariva, Amalaki, yastimadhu, hareetaki and many more. They give amazing results when blended and mixed in appropriate quantities. These herbs are permanent and effective treatment.

3.  Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda is not just limited to Ayurvedic treatment but it has a great significance in ayurvedic medicines also. Ayurveda offers various migraine medicines such as Godnati Bhasma, Chandrakala rasa, kamdugha rasa, shirashooladi vajra rasa, bhoonibadi khada, sooryaprabha pills, pathyadi khada and many more. These medicines have proved successful in migraine and cure the disease from the root.

4.  Ayurvedic- Home Remedies

Because of some reasons, if you are not able to take Ayurvedic treatments and other remedies and want immediate relief from the pain then, Best Ayurveda Hospital in Bangalore suggests some home remedies that also give excellent results in a short span of time.

·         Take a piece of ice cubes wraped with cloth and rub it on both temples. It’ll help to reduce the pain.

·         Tinospora cordifolia (giloy) can be taken with raw honey for quick results.

·         Some ginger powder taken regularly may decrease migraine severity.

·         Drinking freshly brewed peppermint tea or massage your temples with peppermint oil or medicated oils can be helpful for migraine.

5. Ayurvedic Paste

Saffron can also do magic when mixed with ghee. Take some saffron and mix it with one tbsp of pure ghee. Drop a few drops of this mixture in your nostrils and inhale deeply. This process can give you amazing results and also helps to reduce the intolerable pain. Additionally, you can also apply sandalwood on the forehead or a paste of black paper, rice with bringaraaja juice on your head that can vanish your migraine pain in no time.

Apparently, try to avoid some trigger things like alcohol, caffeine, stress, pressure, burden and many others. In addition to this, do not skip your meal and keep yourself hydrated which will give you more benefits. It would be better if you take treatment and medicines under the surveillance of Best Ayurveda Doctor in Bangalore.These are the self Ayurvedic treatments but if you are not comfortable with self-treatments then Ayurveda Hospital provides Ayurveda Treatment in Bangalore. Dr. Mini Nair is practicing here for years just for the aim of providing relief from pain to patients suffering from severe migraine. Ayurveda Hospital has maintained its dignity by healing severe episodes without any side-effects.  Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurhealing with renowned Dr. Mini Nair, claimed to cure and beat Migraine completely in less time.