How to control anxiety through the practices of Ayurveda – Dr.Mini Nair

When you suffer from anxiety, it means you are taking a toll on other parts of the body too. Anxiety makes you feel uneasy, uncomfortable and nervous that may cause several severe health issues such as poor health, depression, hypertension, heart issues and many more if not treated timely. Though, everyone feels anxiety at one stage. People who are seriously suffering
from panic attacks should take Ayurveda treatments in Bangalore. The ayurvedic treatment effectively eliminates the Doshas that includes Pitta, Vata, and Kapha.

Here are a few Ayurvedic suggestions that definitely help to cure Anxiety.

1. Drink lukewarm water
Try to drink warm milk with saffron and honey before going to bed. Warm milk will help to keep you calm, relax your mind, and reduce your stress. In addition, Ayurveda also suggests keeping your body warm like taking a bath with warm water, drinking warm milk, and massage your body. These activities will help in pacifying Vata Aggravation.
2. Use some essential oil
Some essential oils like olive oil, sesame oil, etc help to keep you calm. Put some oils on your feet and have a long massage with it. Also, you can also nourish your head that helps to relax your mind. Ayurveda considers it one of the best natural remedies for depression and anxiety.
3. Follow proper routine
Here routines mean your daily routine, right starts your day with meditation, exercising, eat regularly on time and ends with good & healthy sleep. If you perform these healthy activities daily, it will help to encourage you and enhance your overall mood, routine, and health. So, make your routine healthy and follow if you are keen to control your anxiety.
4. Make your diet chart
Needless to say, diet is a crucial part of your health. So, it is necessary to eat a proper diet and healthy food. In the modern lifestyle, people are more tend to eat fast food that does nothing but damage your body parts. Ayurveda suggests avoiding more caffeine, sugar, oil, Chinese food, and frozen fruits. Moreover, add sweet fruits, oatmeal and substantial breakfast to your diet chart.
5. Practice some Yoga
Starting your day with practicing yoga and some exercise can make your day and improve your health. If you practice exercise daily, it will help to settle your nervous system, make you feel relaxed and control your anxiety.

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