5 Benefits of the Ayurveda oil Massage – By Dr.Mini Nair

Ayurveda is a profound treatment to heal any sort of disorder and an Ayurvedic massage is the magical therapy that nourishes the body, balances your body and revamps the wellbeing.


Basically, Ayurvedic holistic full body massage therapy with essential herbal oils is known as ‘Abhyanga’. There are various surprising benefits that can be received from Abhyanga if it is taken from Best Ayurveda Hospital in Bangalore. Let’s discuss the benefits of the Ayurveda oil Massage.

1. Reduce your age
A good and rich body massage is helpful in removing the impurities of the skin, nourishes it and helps to reduce the wrinkles. It effectively works on your skin and heals the dryness, makes your skin glowing, and smoothens. It can increase the skin’s natural vibrant beauty and helps to maintain the younger-looking skin.
2. Ameliorate blood circulation
If the massage is Abhyanga, it stimulates the blood circulation that encourages the removal of wastes and provides the energy that lasts for long. If oil, herbs, and place of the massage are carefully taken, it can promote the energy of the body and self-healing of the blood cells.
3. Nourish & soften your skin
Abhyanga massage heals the dead skin particle caused due to the sun rays, dust particles, and harsh environment. A full body Ayurvedic massage can revamp the damaged skin, soften your skin and also protects fragile skin from harm.
4. Eliminates the impurities
Ayurveda is considered as the purest and essential agent for the body. The medicated oils used in massage are made of herbs that act as a blood purifier and also burn the excess fat of the body. Obesity and overweight are something that makes people suffer a lot. But an Ayurvedic massage can remove the impurities from the body and helps in reducing weight.
5. Calm your nerves
A full body massage stimulates the blood circulation that affects the entire body like a nervous system, brain, joints, etc. Massage with natural oils, when done with strong figure tips, helps to calm your mind and make you stress-free and also helps to get the rich sleep.
Ayurvedic massage is a traditional massage based on some essential oils. It serves not only to relieve pain and stress but improves the blood circulation, nourishing the skin, helps in preventing age and leave the skin soft, shiny and younger-looking.

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