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AyurHealing is built on the trust of thousands of patients on its Founder and Chief Physician Dr.Mini Nair, who had treated their chronic diseases through her decades’ long clinical practice. The uniqueness of AyurHealing, ayurveda hospital in Bangalore lies in blending the strength of Indian Vedic science that is Ayurveda and Siddha which is our comprehensive method to bring a patient to a holistic state of existence rather than just being free from diseases.

Dr.Mini Nair, Founder & Chief Physician Of AyurHealing Ayurveda And Siddha Hospital, Popularly known as “Kaiguna Doctor” (The Physician of Healing Powers) for her thousands of patients in different strata of life, who have successfully treated by her. We have renowned Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore treating their patients with professional ayurvedic treatment for cervical spondylosis, diabetes, joint pain, lower back pain disorders, infertility treatment and neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr.Mini Nair a graduate from The Government College Of Ayurveda, Bangalore has been working in the field of Ayurveda since for the last 23 years.

Apart from graduation in Ayurveda Dr.Mini Nair have additional educational qualifications of Post Graduate Diploma In Emergency Medicine (BAMS) and Post Graduate Diploma In Siddha Medicine (DSM).


Cervical Spondylosis Treatment

Cervical spondylosis is a general term used for age-related wear and tear, influencing the spinal disks in your neck. In fact, Cervical spondylosis is exceptionally normal and intensifies with age.

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Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol is a basic component in the body which helps in body functioning. But, if the amount or level of cholesterol increases, then it can prompt a few issues.

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Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is witnessed when a person has high blood sugar, which results in less production of insulin from the body.

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Female Infertility is a term used to signify the state of a woman who has not possessed the capacity to become pregnant subsequent to striving for at least one year.

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Joint Pain Disorders

In recent days, Joint Pain is a widely recognized problem for which a patient counsels a doctor. There are a few conditions that influence the normal functioning of the joints, leading to indication of various problems.

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Neurodegenerative Disease

Neurodegenerative disease is an umbrella term for a scope of conditions which fundamentally influence the neurons in the human brain.

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Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money. I consulted Dr.Mini Nair at her Ayurveda hospital in Koramangala. The doctor advised me Ayurveda medication. I followed properly as per Doctor’s suggestion and it worked well for me. Now I am completely exposing to Sun and even I tried to be outside the whole full day.


Dr.Mini Nair has been our family physician for over 10 years. Our family including parents have been treated for common ailments to complex health issues. We have greatly benefited from Doctor’s guidance, both my wife Nandini and son Pranav had been treated earlier for various issues ranging from Digestive problem to Spinal Disorder. I would highly recommend all citizens to avail such fine treatment facilities under the able guidance of Dr.Mini Nair, Ayurhealing.

Captain S.S Thalur

I was suffering from low back pain since four and a half years. I had undergone several treatments earlier with very little use. My conditions started getting worst from the last few months. My orthopaedic doctor suggested that I undergo surgery. That is when my friend recommended trying the ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore and she suggested Dr. Mini Nair to me. I meet Dr. Mini Nair at Ayurhealing hospital at Koramangala. She on examination advised me treatments for the next ten days, My conditions improved day to day. On the tenth day, I was not only relieved but also totally rejuvenated. Following which she advised certain exercises to strengthen my back along with oral medications. I’m so relieved and grateful to Dr. Mini Nair and a wonderful staff of Ayurhealing and I would definitely recommend Dr. Mini Nair’s name.

Leela Velayudhan

From past 2 years, my father was suffering from his white hand patch. We all are cared about him and consulted many hospitals and clinics. We had consulted many Ayurveda doctors in Bangalore but we didn’t find any solution to it. Then we got to know about Dr.Mini Nair and followed her all counseling about the disease and medications and it is getting recovered. So I am fully satisfied with all her treatment and also helped many to get rid of their diseases by recommending to consult Dr.Mini Nair and personally I am very much thankful to Dr.Mini Nair. Thank you so much Dr. Mini Nair.

L. Raja

I am suffering from Osteoarthritis ( initial stage ). I am taking treatment for this since September 2014. My complete body was in pain, especially bones. I had lost flexibility in my body and was struggling to do my regular activities.

I came to Dr.Mini Nair and consulted her. She identified my problem and put me on medication. Also as per Doctor advise I use to undergone oil therapy ( Ayurveda panchakarma treatment ) periodically ( every 6 months ) which helped a lot to my problems. As per Dr.Mini’s advice, I keep doing my exercise regularly which also has helped me to come out of this problem slowly. Now I am feeling very much better. I am still under medication.

I really thank Dr.Mini Nair & their staff for Ayurveda treatments, their dedication and co-operation to come out of my orthopedic problem. Thank you Dr.Mini who has filled confidence in me as far as my health is concerned.



Ayurhealing Ayurveda And Siddha Hospital are one of the few renowned hospitals in India where both Ayurveda and Siddha combination is practiced and administrated. Here Dr.Mini Nair, the founder, chief physician and renowned Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore, effectively combines the science of both ancient knowledges resulting in faster relief to the patient’s disease than following only ayurvedic methods with which the results would be comparatively slow. We provide the most professional Ayurveda treatment in Bangalore.

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