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    admin |  March 8, 2018
    admin |  March 8, 2018
    admin |  March 8, 2018

    Ayurveda Herbal Facials

    Sun tan may appear either because one day sun exposure or due to continuous sun exposure. Sun tan should be cared once it is appeared and immediate remedies should be taken. Ayurhealing’s special Anti Tanning facial helps in reducing Tanning affect on the skin, leave it looking softer, more radiant, refreshed and moisturized.

    In Ayurhealing’s Fruit Facial Therapy, fruits which are rich in anti oxidants are used and massaged very gently on the skin, followed by the application of fruit paste. This paste is left on the face for some time and later washed with warm water. The outcome is a more radiant skin. Also the newly exposed skin breathes better

    In Ayurhealing’s Anti Blemishing facial, pure herbal combinations are used, which will leave your skin looking softer, refreshed and moisturized. The special herbal combinations not only reduce Hyper Pigmentation and freckles, lighten and even skin tone reduces blemishes and uneven skin tones but improve skin clarity.

    Basically Acne is a medical condition that results from clogged pores. But for sufferers of acne, it’s more like a disease or even a scourge. It will influence their social life and can affect their health as well. The special herbal combination, used in Ayurhealing’s Anti Acne Facial Therapy help in reducing pigmentation and bacteria and repairs the condition of acne and oily skin. It cleanses tones deeply and nourishes the skin.

    Ayurhealing’s Anti Wrinkle facial helps in reducing the aging processes, arresting the degeneration of the skin cells and increasing the glow of the face. This facial therapy helps to reduce wrinkles on the face and feel more fresh, vital and youthful looking skin.

    It may be difficult to find the right skin whitening treatment, but not impossible. With Ayurhealing’s regular special Skin whitening facial, you will look more fresh, younger and fairer than before. The special herbal combinations used for this therapy increase the bio-availability of the whitening of ingredients and allow skin penetration.