Ayurvedic Treatment For Varicose Veins – Dr.Mini Nair

Varicose is a condition in which a vein becomes swollen, elongated and painful. It implies that veins become varicose.  If we talk about types of this condition so deep vein and superficial perforating are involved in varicose veins. The venous blood flows from the feet to the heart in an upward direction. Furthermore, special valves, presented in the vein, help the upward flow of the blood.

Apart from primary, there can be a secondary cause of varicose veins. There are numbers of factors such as prolonged standing, menopause, fatigue can harm the valves and draw negative impacts on the movement of blood flow. Due to such harmful impact some of the blood leaks and flows back down. The affected veins become red, blue or bluish brown; additionally, unbearable itching can be led by the occurrence of dryness. The most common syndrome of Varicose Veins is Red Leg or Redness. Although varying doctors treat this condition yet Ayurvedic Treatment For Varicose Veins is the best out of them. But before discussing the treatment which is provided by Ayurhealing – Best Ayurveda Hospital In Bangalore, let’s discuss the reasons in detail.

Contributing Factors –

The main reason behind the Varicose Veins is the excessive pressure that is brought to bear on the abdomen and the legs. Apart from that, obesity, hormonal change, advancing age, wearing constrictive clothing, total negligence of exercise, and pregnancy lead this problem. These factors are very prominent to consider; nevertheless, the crucial factor for this disease can be a deficiency in the diet that can exaggerate the loss of elasticity of the veins. If we talk about some other factors such as genetic or epigenetic that often run in families can also cause Varicose Veins problems. 

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Varicose Veins –

If we talk about India so there are various hospitals that treat Varicose Veins effectively; however, Ayurhealing is considered as the Best Ayurveda Hospital In Bangalore. Doctors in India always give the best treatment to their patients but our Ayurveda Doctor always recommends the Brahmi as a drug of choice. Besides the prescription of Brahmi, Jasad Bhasma is also prescribed by Ayurveda specialist Dr.Mini Nair. There are three reasons or benefits behind the prescription of this bhasma:

  • The mineral zinc is found in it great quantity.
  • It is the best healer of blood clotting.
  • For the concentration of Vitamin E in the blood, you must take it.         
    If some patients are looking for the temporary benefit they can consider some Ayurvedic oils that are easily available in the local market. Although there are so many oils for the treatment of this problem still Chandanabala taila,Pinda thaila,Dhanwantharam thaila and Prasarini taila are the most efficacious out of them. Before using these oils one must take precaution regarding the massage. Don’t massage any oil directly on the Varicose Veins because it would increase the pressure on these veins. Without exerting any pressure, a simple application can be effective for this problem.

    To avoid the pressure on vein you need to massage against the direction of the hair. Moreover, patients must change their lifestyle to avoid this disease. They must avoid stress, take sound sleep at night and comply with a regular daily routine to overcome the varicose veins. Much to our surprise, Garlic has several advantageous properties that help in treating Varicose Veins. Garlic has the potential of breaking down the protein content in the human body to distribute it evenly. This process of breaking down the content increases the supply of protein to the lower limb region.