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    Best Ayurveda Doctor in Bangalore- Dr. Mini Nair

    Ayurvedic treatment dates almost 5000 years old and also one of the oldest forms of medicine. The meaning of the word Ayurveda is life science. This method of treatment has its roots in India. Ayurvedic medicines focus on the health and wellness by combining the health of spirit, mind and body. At Ayurhealing we have most professional Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore.

    Ayurveda relates to finding the root cause of the disease. And then the treatment works to totally eradicate the illness. This way of restorative treatment is totally mindful of the body framework. It doesn’t try to smother the disturbing entity or the component which causes the illness. The ayurvedic treatment goes in search of the origin of the sickness and then cures it.

    The recovery is changeless and hence the same illness won’t occur again. But in other medical ways like the allopathic or homeopathic treatment, the disease is not cured for all time. It just gives an instant help by destroying the disease-causing organism in the patient’s body.

    This ayurvedic knowledge has been cultivated by many sages of India. Ayurvedic treatment has been developed from various manuscripts and treatises. It has made its way to become one of the most ancient techniques. But, it can solve modern-day health care issues as well.

    Professional Ayurveda doctor & practice 

    When you visit a professional Ayurvedic doctor, you should be prepared to know and talk about yourself. Ayurveda emphasizes a good balance in all the areas of your life. A trained Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore will not only examine your body. They will also take an extensive medical and personal history with questions about your daily diet.

    Questions could also include the profession and working conditions, relationships, exercise routines and mental health. Best Ayurveda doctors go through this intake process. This helps to identify the key symptoms and also the potential causes of imbalance, and it will help in determining suitable ayurvedic treatment options.

    best ayurveda doctor in Bangalore Dr. Mini Nair

    Ayurveda Diagnosis and Treatment 

    Ayurveda hospitals in Bangalore diagnose the patient on both the disease level and also in person level called roga and rogi. Best Ayurveda doctors do this exhaustive examination which helps them in tailoring treatments for each patient. The Ayurveda hospitals in Bangalore believes that people have the required energy within them. And it is capable of bringing the body to a healthy state by itself.

    Best Ayurveda doctor does not focus on the treatment or medicine but to heal the illness. They concentrate on the techniques which will strengthen the healthy elements present inherent in everybody. This type of treatment is called svabhavoparamavada. It refers to the Ayurvedic way of helping the body by calling upon its own energy to make the healing. Medicines and Treatments are a vital part of this process, but they act as only supporting aid. The Ayurvedic treatment helps in the body’s self-reparation and thus not be the reason for any disease.

    Best Ayurveda Doctor in Bangalore- Dr. Mini Nair

    At Ayurhealing, we provide treatment with the guidance of best Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore, Dr. Mini Nair who is also the Founder & Chief Physician. Nutrition and Ayurvedic diet practices are also vital to a healthy living. They form important components of treatment, disease management and recovery. Professional ayurvedic doctors tailor food for each individual’s constitution based on the 6 tastes. They are: Sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. Dr. Mini Nair is the Chief Physician and best Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore with experience in treating thousands of patients.

    Dr. Mini Nair is well known as:

    Best Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore

    Best Ayurveda doctor in Karnataka

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