What causes Heat Boils & its cure

Boils are one of the common skin infections. It is mainly caused by a bacteria named staphylococcal.

It could enter through the cut skin or tiny nicks or even through the hair follicles. People with poor hygiene are more likely to catch this infection frequently. This infection usually starts from the hair follicle or through the oil glands.

Also, people with the following health problems are more susceptible to Heat Boils or other infections:

  – Diabetes and sugar related diseases

– Exposure to lot of harsh chemicals which irritate and affect the skin health

– poor immune system and other related diseases

– Lack of proper nutrition intake

– Poor hygiene and cleanliness

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Symptoms of Heat Boils:

At the start, the skin  will turn reddish in the infected area and then a tender lump begins to develop. After around four to seven days, this lump will start to turn white. This is beacuse of the pus that gets collected under the skin or the infection. Common places in which boils appear are: the face, armpits, shoulders, neck and buttocks. If it forms on the eyelid, then it is a sty. Sometimes, the heat boils spread so quickly or appear in a group. That is usually a more severe infection called as Carbuncle.

Other symptoms include the following:

   The boil infected skin turns red and becomes warm,painful and swollen.

   Lymph nodes might also get swollen.

   Boils start to spread and many lumps appear around the initial one.

   Viral or symptoms of fever may develop.

Boils Treatment:

Depending upon the level of infection, boils can be seen as a small boil or a large boil. This section will help you in getting the right treatment or medication for each case.

Small boils can be usually treated at home on your own. It might take around a few days to 3 weeks for complete healing.

ayurveda treatment for boils

Ayurvedic treatment for boils:

A lot of hearbal pastes and medicines are available to treat boil the natural and risk-free way. The best ayurvedic remedy for boils is to apply turmeric paste.Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. The swollen boils get softened with turmeric and also heals quickly.

Aromatherapy is another effective treatment that helps cure boils. It is effective in getting rid of the infection and also the boils. Aromapathy makes use of natural oils obtained from tea tree or lavender or other medicinal plant oils. Especially,tea tree oil kills Staphylococcus effectively. This is because,the medicated oil drains the boil and thus facilitates speedy healing.

Application of the Charmardadi Thailam is also proven to be effective against boils.

A thick paste made of althea root powder, echinacea powder, oat powder and flax seed powder can be applied on boils. This mixture when applied externally over the boil helps in releasing the pus.

Consuming aloe vera pulp or applying it externally is also effective. This ayurvedic treatment for boils is not generally advised for pregnancy women because of unexpected complications.

Also,warm a betel leaf slightly till it becomes soft. Then, coat it with pure castor oil and gently apply it on the affected skin area. This ruptures the boil and also facilitate in quick healing. For better results, do it atleast thrice a day until the boil dissolves.

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Simple Ayurvedic Home remedies for Heat boils:

– Dip a piece of bread in the boiling water and then cool in the room temperature. Placing it over the boil decreases the pus and ultimately heal it.

– Onion and garlic extracts also cure boils.Apply these externally and it helps to ripen the boil and drain out the pus.

– Ground the cumin seeds with water to form a thick paste. Applying it on the boil twice or thrice a day depending on the infection helps it naturally ripe and drain the pus.

– Castor bark is also effective in healing boils. Grind the castor bark and make a thick paste with water and apply externally on the infection.

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General tips for getting rid of the boil:

   – Don’t press or squeeze or drain a boil on your own. This could lead to the infection to spread or could lead to a secondary infection of the boil.

   – Keep a wet, warm washcloth over the boil infected skin several times a day.

   – Apply some pressure while using the tip above.But, make sure that you do not puncture the boil.

   – when the boil ruptures and get clean, keep it covered with a clean and fresh bandage. This prevents the spread of infection to other places.

   – Always,make sure to wash your hands properly after any care for the boil. This will prevent it from spreading.

   – When the boil starts to drain, clean it regularly with an antibacterial soap. Do this until all the pus is drained and then clean the area with rubbing alcohol. One can also apply medicated ointment and cover it with a bandage to avoid spreading.

Also,continue to wash the infected area 2 to 3 times a day. Use warm compresses over the boil until the wound heals.

How to prevent Boils from happening?

One can prevent the occurrence of boils by following the below guidelines:

 -Do not mix and wash clothes, bedding, and towels of a person who is infected with boils. Keep their clothes separate and other clothes separate. This will prevent the boils from spreading.

   -Always clean minor skin wounds and treat them immediately. Unless, done these wounds may lead to more infections without you even knowing.

   -Ensure to practice good and healthy hygiene for all the people in the house.

   -Eating the right and healthy foods are also important in preventing boils from happening.

   – Do not pop any infection or the boil with any sharp objects like needle. This can make the infection worse and also could lead to dangerous infections.

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