I am suffering from Osteoarthritis ( initial stage ). I am taking treatment for this since September 2014. My complete body was in pain, especially bones. I had lost flexibility in my body and was struggling to do my regular activities.

I came to Dr.Mini Nair and consulted her. She identified my problem and put me on medication. Also as per Doctor advise I use to undergone oil therapy ( Ayurveda panchakarma treatment ) periodically ( every 6 months ) which helped a lot to my problems. As per Dr.Mini’s advice, I keep doing my exercise regularly which also has helped me to come out of this problem slowly. Now I am feeling very much better. I am still under medication.

I really thank Dr.Mini Nair & their staff for their best Ayurveda treatments, their dedication and co-operation to come out of my orthopedic problem. Thank you Dr.Mini who has filled confidence in me as far as my health is concerned.