Ayurveda and Vegetarianism – Benefits of Being a Vegetarian by Dr.Mini Nair

We are living in a country where vegetarian food is more pleasing than non-vegetarian. India is the land of religion, spirituality, prayer, along with the hub of temples where non-vegetarian food is treated as unholy. People living here prefer vegetarian food more than non-vegetarian, not only because of moral purpose but they find it healthier.
In fact, non-vegetarian people are praising the richness and taste of traditional vegetarian cuisines. Vegetarian foods might not be as tasty some times but they are healthy and healthy food is the foremost factor to avoid half of the ailments. Ayurveda is the treatment originated from India that also adheres to a vegetarian diet. It’s not like Ayurveda say no to non-vegetarian diet but there is no doubt it gives more preference to a vegetarian diet. 
In this modern era, people take their health for granted as they are too much busy in their life. Unknowingly, modern lifestyle comes into existence that includes irregular sleeping patterns, unhealthy diet & irregular time of meals, prolonged use of gadgets, stress, fast food, etc. All these things befall a direct impact on the body and lead to different ailments. 
The Ayurvedic Concept
The Ayurveda has very clear perceptions about this. “Ayurveda gives life to people”. According to Ayurveda, one should lead a life close to nature if he/she wants to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle.Not only healthy and vegetarian food but Ayurvedic cooking methods like steamed and raw foods is a natural and healthy way of living. Although the non-vegetarian diet is not banned in Ayurveda if you are susceptible to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high BP, heart disease then opting vegetarian diet is more beneficial. 
Benefits of being a Vegetarian
1. Lower the risk of heart disease
A recent study has revealed that the risk of death from heart disease is 32% less in vegetarians than non-vegetarians. This can be attributed to
 Lesser intake of cholesterol leads to lower chances of hypertension (high BP). 
 Lower cholesterol intake lesser the chance for cholesterol deposition in blood vessels. 
 Vegetables are rich in fiber. 
2. Revamps skin health 
Vegetables are rich in nutrition that helps to reduce the occurrence of acne, improve breath problem and also helps to ameliorate the hair’s quality.
3. Help in weight loss
Non-vegetarian foods are rich in protein and Vitamin that helps to increase fat in your body. Avoiding non-vegetarian food helps you to control your diet. Thus, it makes you more health-conscious and helps in weight loss.
4. Mental benefits
Vegetarian food such as colorful fruits and green vegetables keeps your mind more active,positive and focused. Plant-based foods like pulses, grains, etc are packed with essential nutrients immensely required by the human body. Vegetarian food is a well-balanced diet that helps to keep your mind more active and sharp. 
5. Lower the risk of high cholesterol
Non-vegetarian foods are comparatively richer in cholesterol than vegetarian items. This is because non-vegetarian foods are processed with excess oil.So, shifting to vegetarian diets helps in lower obesity and other severe ailments like high BP, diabetes, etc. 
6. Feel light on the feet
This is the major change that you might observe. According to the studies, vegetarian foods are light when compared to non-vegetarian food. Here, lightness refers to the time taken in the digestion of food, easiness to undergo the digestion, lightness feel in the mind and the whole body. When you eat light, you feel light and when you feel light, your mind does right. 
7. Vegetarian live longer
Non-vegetarian diets are fatty in nature that leads to the risk of severe problems like high BP, diabetes, increased cholesterol, and obesity. All these diseases increase the risk of death. Being specific, vegetarian foods are healthy for the human body and reduce the risk of diseases and death compared to non-vegetarian. Consequently, being vegetarian has fewer issues than non-vegetarian and vegetarianism in Ayurveda has an authentic history and practice in keeping a human body healthy. The fact is
Ayurveda is for everybody, regardless of diet, nature, age, culture, geographic and climate. 

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