How Ayurveda Can Help Young Girls Prepare for Menarche?

Everyone, whether adolescent boys or girls, who are about to enter puberty will face some biological changes in their bodies. If we talk about women, then they are the most agonized one while comparing to men. Menstruation is an imperative part of women’s life. It is to be said that, normal and periodical menstruation is the sign of a healthy girl. Although, the menarche age may vary from girl to girl, sometime it can be early as 10 and late as 15, depending upon the lifestyle and diet. Notably, parents or guardians should be more careful about the diet and the lifestyle of the young girl as they are close to their menarche or cross this vital window of changes in their body and mind.

Menstruation is the process in a female of discharging blood from the vagina and other material from the uterus on the monthly interval from puberty to menopause.

Menstruation is the most painful time for women, especially for young girls. Mood swings,heavy bleeding, pain in the lower abdomen, tiredness, food craving, breast soreness, and diarrhea
are the usual problems that every woman is suffering from while menstruation. The market is inundated with different sorts of medicines that claim to heal the pain and other ailments.
No doubt, there are myriad treatments available for the painful time of menstruation but the menstrual cycle is hormonal driven so it is better to avoid them as they are sometimes harmful to your health. Now, the problem is- how to get rid of pain and other menstruation issues when it comes to curing it naturally, then nothing can beat Ayurvedic treatment
Ayurveda has a crucial role in balancing our body against external and internal factors. So, for this delicate time of menstruation, we can really trust on Ayurveda treatment.

Balance all the five Pittas

All five subdoshas of pitta plays a vital role at the time of menstruation. Each pitta represents a
different aspect and governs the certain function of the body. Let’s discuss the five pitas and how
it can help young girls to get prepare for the menarche.
1. Alochaka Pitta
This represents the eyes which are best balanced by the colorful fruits and green vegetables.
2. Bhrajaka Pitta
Bhrajaka Pitta is related to the skin which is sensitive during adolescence. Periods are the fastest
transformation into girls. Cosmetics contain chemicals that absorb easily into the skin and disturb
pitta and can lead to rashes and acne. Whereas product without chemicals nourishes the skin
without irritating. Fresh and natural food without preservatives can add charm to the skin. When
Pitta is aggravated, the skin becomes less resistance to sun damages. Due to the unhealthy diet,
even mild sunburn can transform into serious symptoms later.
3. Sadhaka Pitta

This kind of pitta supports the heart and governs emotion, contentment, intelligence, and
memory. Sadhaka Pitta is directly related to your routine which means sleeping at time, healthy
food, getting up early in the morning and so on. Watching violent movies, skipping meals, eating
unhealthy & fast food lead to negative emotions. To satisfy the Sadhaka Pitta, healthy food such
as juicy fruits, raisins, date milkshakes, and rice pudding are the most efficient. Girls who are
undergoing menstruation should eat healthy and colorful food items like fruits and vegetables. 
4. Pachaka Pitta
Pachaka Pitta supports the stomach and small intestine and is also responsible for digestion and
assimilation of nutrients. To balance the Pachaka Pitta, one should consume cool and nurturing
rich food items like coriander, fennel, turmeric, cumin. Mix these spices in a specific amount and
sauté in ghee or olive oil and add to the vegetable and cooked pulses that give relief at the time
of menstruation.
5. Ranjaka Pitta
Ranjaka Pitta is seated in the liver and blood which is especially affected by toxins from
environmental pollutants and food which may lead to skin and blood disorders. Foods that one
(who is suffering from menstruation) should eat to support the liver include white daikon radish,
Bottle guard, organic rose petals in milk, etc.
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