Ayurveda As a Way of Life

One of the ancient methods of living life is conceived as Ayurveda. The study is a judicious mix of Vedic Science and current scientific literature with an embrace of natural products and herbs to treat and prevent diseases. The healing system is based on the idea of harmoniously balancing human life with an appropriate diet and exercise. Advocating prevention, the science of Ayurveda promotes a healthy way of living for a disease-free life parallel to it, treating patients with a cleansing process of restoring bodily harmony. The science claims to offer enduring solutions for a refreshed life. Breathing exercises and medicinal plants form the basis of Ayurveda that transcribe into wellness and longevity of life.

So why is Ayurveda gaining ground in spite of a longer time taken for treatment?

Here is why:

  • The approach is thought of penetrating into the root cause of an ailment and attempting to permanently eliminate it.
  • The detox process cleanses the body internally and fully.
  • Medicines are made out of natural herbs and therefore considered harmless.
  • Cost effective
  • The traditional process not only treats the ailment but is directed towards rejuvenation of the body and mind.
  • In days of hectic lifestyles where well-ordered conduct is not only getting more and more difficult but also regarded unintelligent, Ayurveda comes in as a refreshing explanation to lead a comprehensive life devoid of infirmities.

Ayurhealing Towards a Holistic Therapy

Based in the bustling precincts of Koramangala is one of the most trusted Ayurveda Hospitals, AyurHealing Ayurveda and Sidda Hospital. Blending effectively the ancient knowledge of Indian Vedic Science with Sidda is this well-established therapeutic centre that has won over the trust of thousands of patients across the country. Dr.Mini Nair, its Founder and Chief Physician, popularly known by her patients as “Kaiguna Doctor”(the Physician of Healing Powers) has been working relentlessly not only to treat chronic diseases but also to bring her patients to a holistic state of existence. Successfully extending treatment for stress management, diabetes, stroke, infertility, joint pain disorders, cholesterol management, sinus, psoriasis, obesity and almost all ailments, the hospital is a one stop destination for a wholesome therapy and disease-free life in Bengaluru.