How To Strengthen Our Immunity – What Ayurveda Says

The concept of the immune system is nothing new but extensively apprise about your health. A healthy immune system is key to protect you from various diseases. The significance of the immune system has come up since the novel Coronavirus has engulfed us. Everyone is in a rush to boost their immune system to prevent the infection. Above all, Ayurveda has given extreme importance to a strong immune system to fight against this infectious disease.

Ayurveda says that immunity is the ability of the body to overcome and resist diseases. In simple words Ayurveda “Strong Immune System Means Lower the Risk of Diseases” and this is why more and more people have come to know the significance of a strong immune system in our body. In Ayurveda, the concept of the immune system is explained in multiple topics and these are like

  • Vyadhi kshamathwa– (resistance to illness development)- is the ability of the immune system that helps to fight against the disease-causing pathogens.
  • Ojas– (related to supreme resilience)- while Ojas controls the overall balance of the body functions, tissues, digestions.
  • Bala– (related to strength)- the concept of Bala explains the ability of the system to repair and nourish & be effective in disease prevention.

Ayurveda approaches to keep the body in balance and the immune system at peak efficiency so that the infection and various diseases do not come in contact with the body  And these doshas can be strengthened through a good nutritious diet, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and including other crucial factors in your routine in the most efficient way.

Strengthening your immune system with Ayurveda is way easier & effective than other medical treatments and methods. As Ayurveda mainly uses herbs and roots to improve your health and cut the disease they are more effective and have no side-effects to the body. While there are thousands of herbs and medicines available with uncountable benefits on the name of Ayurveda, it becomes quite confusing for the inexperienced person which is better to boost up your immune system. In this case, consulting the established Ayurveda Hospital makes more sense than consuming the wrong herb.

At Ayurhealing, one can leverage the years of experience and knowledge of Ayurveda physician, Dr.Mini Nair, who are rendering successful practice in various health problems at our Ayurveda Hospital. Check what she can suggest you to strengthen your immune system in through Ayurveda treatment.

Boost Immunity At Ayurhealing

  • Use Natural Herbs– There are a number of subtle herbs in the Ayurveda that are famous for their own features. According to Ayurveda, there is certainly no harm in including these herbs in your daily practice. The natural herbs that have the ability to boost your immune system are Aswagandha, Tulsi, Turmeric, Amla, Giloy, and Neem.
  • Choose Easy to Digest and Intelligent Diet– Your diet has various viable effects on your health, especially the immune system. What you eat has a direct impact on your digestive system. Include fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and light dairy products and cut processed foods, fried, junk, and oily foods from the diet. Also, follow the same routine to eat your meals.
  • Healthy Sleep– Proper or adequate sleep is most important to manage your immune system and a healthy body. Besides focusing on your diet and healthy lifestyle, Ayurveda also focuses on your sleep. Sound sleep helps to boost your immune system and digestive system strong as well.
  • Follow A Strict Routine– Unmanaged routine like unnecessary eating, improper sleeping & wake-up time, irregular time of eating your meals may disturb your immune system and increase the risk of chronic diseases. A well-managed routine helps you to digest your food properly, and keeps your immune system strong.
  • More Workout– After following the strict diet and routine, Ayurveda also includes workout in its daily routine. Simple workouts such as walking, jogging, cycling, yoga, meditation have the power to strengthen your immune system and keep the risk of causing diseases at bay.

These are some effective tips that Ayurhealing includes in its Ayurveda treatment to improve the immune system.

Additionally, one should also opt for lemon water, lukewarm water, and avoid cold items to manage the strong immune system and also halt the risk of COVID-19.Dr.Mini Nair’s Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurhealing is helping large people in boosting their immune system to fight against this pandemic without thinking about their personal profit. With the help of a team of veteran Ayurveda physicians including Dr. Mini Nair, we have come forward with various tools and strategies to work effectively and bring successful results. She has developed years of experience in rendering successful Ayurveda treatment to a long list of patients. Ayurhealing shares pride while introducing such proficient doctors in our Ayurveda Hospital who have made us stand apart from other leading healthcare institutions with their apt knowledge.