Home remedies for Facial Pores: Clear face Naturally

How to reduce Facial Pores?

There is a common complaint that is given by people who have oily skin. That is the presence of visible, large open pores on the skin. It is a problem that causes the radiant skin to lose its shine. This leads to a high accumulation of sebum, dead cells, microorganisms and dirt. In this case, the srotas of the skin are easily clogged. The result is the formation of large visible open pores. These open pores are sensitive to touch. They can become tricky to get rid of. If you use wrong skin care products or techniques, the problem will get aggravated. That is why going for an Ayurvedic remedy is a better option. If you are suffering from facial open pores, then this blog post is for you. We give you cool, amazing tips for facial open pores remedies to take care of your skin.

6 Home Remedies for Facial Pores

1. Shrink open pores

Don’t over-cleanse as this can aggravate the oiliness. You need to resist the temptation for this. When you over cleanse the oily skin, it can irritate the surface and aggravate the pitta dosha. The result is more oiliness. Not only water, if you over cleanse your skin with a microfiber cloth, drying wipes or harsh products you will get the same results. When the skin is oily, dead cells and microorganisms get accumulated on the surface. This leads to the enlargement of open pores more. If your skin becomes oily in the middle of the day, then use clean, cold water on your skin and dry it with a clean face towel made of cotton.
Using microfiber based cleaning wipes or cleansing cloths for oily skin is not a good idea. They dry out the skin surface and provoke oil secretion. This makes the skin more prone to open pores.

2. Don’t pick or touch open pores

There are so much dirt and bacteria at our fingertips. This comes due to the use of smartphones, keyboard etc. when you touch your facial skin frequently, the fresh microbes get transferred to your skin and cause breakouts. This results in the enlargement of open pores. To avoid this, you need to keep your keyboards and phones clean and oil free. Using disinfectant for periodic cleaning can help you kill microbes helping your skin stay fresh.

3. Skin health resetting at night

For oily pitta prakriti skin, it is necessary to have a daily night cleansing routine. The skin needs to be cleaned at night and appropriate Ayurvedic facial serum needs to be applied. This can reset your skin’s health every day. Skin resetting also helps in preventing the oil buildup in the srotas. Practicing this regularly helps to bring down the size of open pores. Outside spaces such as offices have a large amount of dirt and microbes in the air conditioning filter and vents. The skin that is exposed to dirt, clogged air helps in absorbing the dirt. This blocks the minor srotas and enlarges open pores. Regular night cleansing removes trapped debris, cleans skin, reduces breakouts and helps shrink open pores.

open pores

4. Balanced skin nourishment

Ayurvedic treatment for facial open pores includes providing balanced skin nourishment to shrink open pores. Natural, balanced Ayurvedic facial oil helps in reducing the open pores. Don’t use over the greasy product as they can irritate the skin and upset the balance. It causes more damage than good. There are various skin balancing oils available with Ayurvedic herbs and oils such as neem, clove, vetiver, papaya and Indian sarsaparilla. Excess oil is dried out by this balancer. It also cools the skins and evens out skin tone. The complexion of the skin is brightened with this oil. The oily, pitta prakriti skin will get healed and nourished with this oil. If you use this consistently, it will increase sebum production and reduces the visible open pores.

5. Use a healing Ayurvedic mask

A natural remedy for facial open pores includes the use of a healing Ayurvedic mask. This helps in nurturing and balancing the oily skin. Healing lepas is used in Ayurveda to nourish and rejuvenate various types of skin. A healing lepa can help in skin toning. It nourishes and cleanses the skin deeply. Oily skin is deep cleansed and srotas are freed, making pores look small and invisible to the eye. Face mask needs to be used once a week to cleanse and heal the oily skin. The mask is made of inflammation-reducing Shothahara herbs that include khadira, Arjuna etc. This shrinks open pores, acne and whiteheads. There are also complexion brightening herbs such as cardamom, manjishta and Bilwa. They balance the pitta and helps in healing and deep cleansing the breakout prone oily skin.

6. Internal Balancing of Pitta Dosha

When you follow pitta pacifying methods you can balance the oils in the skin. It includes simple things such as eating at the right time and choosing the right food for your body type. Oily skin problems can reduce with the help of freshly cooked warm foods that are sweet, mild and cool. Foods with sour, sharp, salty or spicy tastes need to be avoided. When you are eating food you need to chew properly. Eat only when hungry. Use of cow ghee is very much recommended. Oily and fried foods need to be consumed less. Practicing this everyday helps in reducing the pitta dosha from your body. This is a natural treatment for facial open pores. You can also check other ayurvedic treatments at AyurHealing, Bangalore.

Check out the video – Dr. Mini Nair talks about Tips to get rid of Facial open pores.


There are certain do’s and dont’s when it comes to treating open pores and visibly heal the oily skin. From the blog, You could find out how to reduce open pores naturally.  When it comes to each individual cases Ayurvedic treatment for facial open pores differs according to each patients body constitution or prakruti. A correct diagnosis is a pre-requisite before treating facial open pores with Ayurveda. For that, you can personally meet me at my hospital –Ayurhealing Ayurveda And Siddha Hospital in Bangalore. I hope that you have received a good advice from me for taking care of your oily skin. Facial open pores will become the long forgotten memory with the help of Ayurvedic treatment.

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