Monsoon Therapy for Ayurveda Health Rejuvenation: Karkitaka Chikitsa

Monsoon is the time when the three doshas vatha, kapha and pitta becomes unstable. This creates imbalances in the body which need to be taken out. If the imbalance stays in the body, it causes various diseases such as skin problems, fever, cough, cold, inflammatory conditions and digestive problems. Battling these diseases will take a toll on the body. That’s why it is better to treat the imbalance of tridoshas at an early stage rather than later.

Therefore, during the monsoon season, it is recommended for the individuals to go for monsoon therapy to rejuvenate their body and mind. This can restore the physical and mental health of the person. The therapy is known for making the body energized, replenishing the resources. It nourishes the cells and makes the person active and ready for the day.

Monsoon diseases

Most of us are happy about the arrival of monsoon after the scorching hot summer. But if you are not prepared for the monsoon properly, you will get the typical monsoon diseases pretty quickly. You will become infected with a fever or a headache within the first week of monsoon. You can create a long list of diseases such as inflammatory diseases, skin diseases, cough, cold, fever and digestive issues etc. this can weaken the body significantly and make you more vulnerable till the rest of the monsoon.

Karkidaka Chikitsa

Fear not! There is a natural ayurvedic therapy available for this. It is called karkidaka chikitsa in the ancient language Sanskrit. This ayurvedic treatment is effective in healing both the body and mind. It can remove the toxins in the body effectively. The treatment can restore the natural balance of the three doshas.

karkitaka chikitsa

What does Karkidaka chikitsa include?

Karkidaka chikitsa is a natural process in the body. It involves flushing out the toxins that are present in the body. It restores the three doshas  -Vata, Pitta and Kaphadoshas in the body. This ayurvedic treatment is essential as it makes the body replenished and rejuvenated. This includes the use of a dietary plan that helps in increasing the immunity of the body. It strengthens the body and defends you against various diseases. With the new inventions and learnings, the field of Ayurveda has given rise to a wide variety of treatment options for people who want to get benefit from the system. There are different treatments available in the monsoon such as nasyam, snehapana, abhyangam, dhara, pizhichil, vasthi and virechanam. The other treatments available include karkidaka kanji or porridge that is made especially during these monsoons.

Is it possible to practice karkidaka chikitsa to home?

Karkidaka chikitsa is a comprehensive system of treatment that makes of various Ayurvedic therapies. These therapies have been developed by expert practitioners. Therefore it is better to get this treatment from the experts. There are monsoon Ayurveda treatments available in Bangalore that can increase the body and mind health. Only karkidaka kanji can be prepared at home. If you want an authentic experience and complete detoxification of your body, then you need to go to a professional practitioner. It can rejuvenate your mind and body. This is a combinational therapy that increases your body’s youthfulness. The treatment involves the mixture of meditation, dieting, massage and yoga exercises.

If you consider that this will be a long shot, think again. You may have busy schedules and high demands in life. But you need to give time and care for your body. It is worth to give your body and mind a few nice holidays to recuperate properly. Monsoon climate gives you an opportunity to take care of the body in a nice way. It is the right time to get your body rejuvenated and give it the much-needed rest. Spending a few days for monsoon therapy in Bangalore does not set you back. In fact, it can propel you forward with new energy. This can be a perfect launch pad for your wellbeing. You can see that your efficiency will be greater at the end of the therapy.

Center that offers karkidaka chikitsa package

Ayurhealing Ayurveda & Siddha Hospital in Bangalore, give specialized karkidaka chikitsa under the advice and guidance of well-known Ayurveda practitioner Dr.Mini Nair. Monsoon ayurvedic treatments come in various packages, there are packages for three days or one week. There have 2 week long packages also.To get best results, you need to stay within the facility during the entire time. At Ayurhealing, Dr.Mini Nair correctly decides the set of de-toxification procedures to keep your body healthy according to your body-constitution or prakruti. It is the uniqueness of Karkitaka Chikitsa at Ayurhealing, it doesn’t impose a huge set of Ayurveda therapies on individuals but correctly designs only the required set of Ayurveda procedures after detailed consultation.

The Bangalore destination is the best one as it is the perfect spot for young working professionals to find the best monsoon Ayurveda therapy available in the country. You don’t need to go to Kerala or any other place that is too distant. You can enjoy the stay in the Bangalore location and get the best benefits of karkidaka chikitsa. The experts present in the facility gives you the best advice for taking proper care of your body. You can take your time to understand the way of Ayurveda from them.


Ayurveda says that there are five universal elements in the body. It is necessary to keep them in balance. Monsoon therapy in Bangalore helps you keep the balance in a way that is beneficial to you. You only need to take a week off to get the best benefits of monsoon Ayurveda treatments. Karkidaka chikitsa package in Bangalore, at Ayurhealing, helps you to attain the best effects of the therapy at a pocket-friendly price. There are a lot of working professionals who get de-energized in their work lives. Monsoon therapy in Bangalore at Ayurhealing has helped to regain their energy and face the day with optimism. So what are you waiting for? Book a great Karkidaka chikitsa package and get your body and mind cleansed.