Ayurvedic Remedies For Loss Of Voice – Dr.Mini Nair

Each voice is exhibiting, distinctive and the base of your potential to change the world. No matter what
are the reasons behind it, people don’t want to lose their voice at any cost. Only your voice can project
the real person behind you. Although sign language can be a potent medium to convey your perspective,
yet your voice is the sole channel to present your opinion firmly. It is a boon if you have a sweet voice;
however, most of the time maintaining a normal voice becomes a challenge to some people. There
could be numerous reasons behind the sudden loss or hoarseness of voice. This loss or hoarseness called Svarabheda in Ayurveda.

Potential Reasons behind Loss of Voice

1. Because of mild infection
In recent years, the human body is becoming susceptible to any normal infection which can be
transformed into a fatal disease, later. These mild infections can be inflammation in the upper
respiratory Tract, sore throat, bacterial infection, common cold and other environmental irritants.
2. Drinking cold water in a flash
Doctors say that sudden changes in your body can lead to serious illness. The human body needs some
time to adjust to a new environment or new activities. Sudden exposure of anything to your body can be
poisonous. In the same way, drinking cold water suddenly can make you dumb.
3. Sudden exposure to extreme heat climate
Weather plays a very crucial role in illness. If it is rainy, our body can catch a cold and flu. If you are
roaming in soaring temperature it draws negative impact on your body and you may face a sudden loss
of voice.
4. Acute vocal cord strain
Sometimes, you put an acute strain on your vocal cord unknowingly. This strain can leave you voiceless
for many years.
5. Dire neurological conditions
Numerous neurological conditions like Lou Gehrig’s diseases or ALS, multiple sclerosis, spasmodic
dysphonia, myasthenia gravis and Parkinson’s disease can be the reasons of your voice disorders.
6. Malignancy or Thyroid gland anomalies
An endocrine gland is a thyroid gland which produces its hormones into the bloodstream. When some
abnormality forms in this gland it will cause loss of voice.

voice box damage treatment

Who is susceptible to loss of voice?

There are some professions which need high pitch of the voice to perform their tasks. Teachers, singers,
anchors and many more are those people who strain a lot and need a high tone of voice to do their daily
jobs. Sometimes, these regular activities of using high tone land you in severe condition of loss of voice.

General instructions to avoid critical loss of voice
A person who is affected by the loss of voice can follow some guidelines to avoid Svarabheda.
● The affected person should avoid smoking and secondhand smoking.
● The patient needs to drink plenty of water.

● A person must start avoiding alcohol and caffeine.
● A person should skip eating spicy food.

● A person who is affected by this problem, he/she should give rest to his/her vocal cord to
prevent further straining.
● Affected people must start repeated gargling with salt water and turmeric. This repeated
process not only helps in clearing the infection but improves your immunity also.

Ayurvedic remedies for 100% relief from Svarabheda
At Ayurhealing, Our kaiguna specialist gives the general guidelines as a very first step to take while you
are suffering from Svarabheda. However, if this is not helpful to make you feel better, you must start
taking some ayurvedic remedies suggested by out Kyguna specialist Dr.Mini Nair. Because these
remedies are 100% natural without any side effects.
● Crush 8 to 10 leaves of Tulsi. Mix this juice with honey. This paste can be taken repeatedly in a
day to clear the voice. This remedy is the most effective solution in clearing the voice.
● Take half of teaspoon ginger juice, half of teaspoon turmeric and honey. Now mix it and make a
paste of it. Affected person needs to lick this paste frequently to clear the throat.

● Tender betel leaves juice is very beneficial in hoarseness of voice. You can chew these leaves
directly or you can drink this juice daily for the best result.

● This method is the same as mentioned above. Chewing of tender leaf buds of mango is also very
useful in cases of Svarabheda.

Ayurvedic medication for the permanent cure of loss of voice
Most of the time, these above-mentioned Ayurvedic remedies for loss of voice work miraculously. Still,
in some critical cases, the person doesn’t get that much relief. In such situations, the affected person
needs to be on Ayurvedic medication. At Ayurhealing we provide the treatment using ayurveda
medications without side effects.
● A person who is suffering from loss or hoarseness of voice, he/she has the option of varieties
medicines which can be kept at home. And, these medicines can be used as a remedy in
Svarabheda. There are certain pills like lavangadi, khadiradi Vati, and eladi pills. Chewing is the
apt way to get instant relief as these pills will surely help you to clear your throat as well as
control the infections.
● Besides pills, you can choose the Ayurvedic remedy in the form of powder. There are lots of
medications in the form of powders available in the market. Vyoshadi Vatakam, talispatradi
churnam and Karpooradi Choornam are those powders which are the sure shot panacea of
Svarabheda. All these are proved as the most beneficial remedies in such chronic conditions.

● On the other hand, if the affected person is not in a situation to take powdered medicines they
can switch over to certain types of lehyams. Agastya Rasayanam, Kantakari lehyam, Thamboola
Rasayanam and Kushmanda Rasayanam are one of the topmost lehyams which are considered
as a most effective medicine. The best thing about these medicines is that these medicines can
be taken even in chronic conditions. These lehyams will not only help you in clearing the
infection but also bring clarity in your voice. In addition to that, they control any kind of
inflammations of the larynx.
There are such cases where Svarabheda continues even after taking pills, powder and lehyams. But the
affected person doesn’t get any benefit. Moreover, his/her condition remains the same for more than 2
or 3 weeks. To avoid such situation, affected person needs to be evaluated deeply. Our best Ayurveda
doctor advise that in chronic and severe condition medical help has to be taken.