How Can We Treat Vitiligo (white patches) Through Ayurveda? – Dr.Mini Nair

Skin is the most essential sense organ of our body. Having beautiful skin is everyone’s dream. Melanin is the pigment presents in our skin that gives color to the skin (alongside it is also responsible for the hair and eyes). Some time when there is a gradual loss of melanin pigment it causes white patches or Vitiligo or Leucoderma. But according to Ayurveda, it is called as Shwitra or Shweta Kushta. Ayurveda says Vata and prajakpita have set on the skin then there is an imbalance into the doshas of vatta and pitta. 

If we talk about Vitiligo, it is basically a chronic disorder. According to the medical studies, skin loses its normal color that causes white patches on your skin. As we have mentioned above, Vitiligo is also known as Leucoderma and the term refers to Leuco- White and Derma- Skin. 

This can be seen in any age group and to any person and it is once seen and never contiguous. Also, it may affect any part of your body like your mouth, hair, and eyes and can vary from person to person.
In this article well dwell deep into the causes, remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo.

Vitiligo Can Be Classified Into Two Types 

  1. Segmented Vitiligo– In this type, the Vitiligo tends to spread fast but is stable than the other type. It is asymmetrical and affects some specific portions of the skin which are linked to nerves that originate in the dorsal roots along the spinal cord. 
  2. Non-Segmental Vitiligo – This kind of Vitiligo occurs on the equal portion of the body such as arms, neck, and face and mainly affects the area that is exposed to the sun frequently. 

Causes of Vitiligo or Leucoderma 

However, we are still deprived of the actual cause of the Vitiligo but it is to be said that the disease occurs when the immune cells mistakenly attack the normal cells and tissues of the body resulting in their destruction. 

Other cause of occurring Vitiligo includes sunburns and emotional distress. It could be possible that the disease runs in your family and comes genetically. 

Ayurveda offers the best treatment for Vitiligo that corrects the underlying cause of the illness and provides long-term relief. Patients who believe in natural treatment should opt the ayurvedic herbal treatment which is aimed at managing the symptoms by eliminating the roots cause. The Ayurvedic therapy combines the use of herbs, and ayurvedic diet and panchakarma therapy. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo and Leucoderma 

Ayurhealing opens the door for the ayurveda treatment of Vitiligo.

Bakuchi (Psoralea Corylifolia): Bakuchi is the most commonly used ayurvedic medication for reducing the Vitiligo. It slowly and gradually decreases the appearance of the white patches and rejuvenates the skin. 

Powders of different ayurvedic herbs like  khadir (skin) powder, chitrak (root) powder, jatamansi (root) powder and aamalaki (fruit) powder. This ayurvedic powder plus Phototherapy (natural) and panchakarma  gives high results in vitiligo patients. 

Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia): The patients who are really anxious for Vitiligo and looking for the permanent cure than they can rely on Manjistha. This herb possesses several strong properties that are beneficial in the management of various diseases including Vitiligo. It helps to restore the normal skin color and prevents the progress of the skin. 

Neem (Azadirachta Indica): Neem has various antioxidant properties that help to reduce the symptoms of vitiligo by destroying the free radicals in the body. It can also protect melanocytes against the damage caused due to the free radicals and prevent Vitiligo from worsening. 

Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula): Haritaki is another commonly used ayurvedic medicine for Vitiligo or Leucoderma. It removes the free radicals that cause damage to the melanocytes and acts as an antioxidant. Patients suffering from Vitiligo can also face depression and anxiety that can also be preventing by Haritaki. Thus, to use haritaki is highly recommended in the severe cases of Vitiligo. The patients who are at higher risk of developing psychological complications should opt for Haritaki. 

Giloe (Tinospora Cordifilia): Giloe is the best treatment for not merely Vitiligo but also for many small and big health issues. You can find it readily nearby your homes and rural areas. It prevents the destructions of the melanocytes by the immune cells which help to minimize the symptoms of Vilitigo. 

Khadira (Acacia Catechu): People often think and ask the question is the disease curable in early stages? The answer is yes, it can be cure with the help of herb Khadira. This herb is the best remedy to cure the disease if it is the initial stage of the disease. This herb has the potential to reduce the white patches present on the skin and helps to cure it as soon as possible if using it on a regular basis. 

Diet and lifestyle 

When we try to control Vitiligo, the first line of management is to detox our system. We need to prevent further accumulation of toxic in our system for which diet plays a very important role. So avoid all process of frozen foodstuffs from your daily intakes and make sure to take a lot of fruits nuts and also drink a lot of water. 

  • Try to take some bitter items in taste like a bitter guard, drumsticks, and others to prevent the imbalance. 
  • Also, you need to make some distance from the foods that are difficult to digest along with sour taste, excessive salt, curd, fish, jaggery and sesame seeds. 
  • You need to avoid consumption of opposite foods like fish and milk together. 
  • Have sound and adequate sleep daily are a must for your health. 
  • Do not come in direct contact with cold and sunlight and if necessary then apply sunscreen to the areas that are mainly exposing to the sun. Drinking water from copper vessel also a way to get rid of Vitiligo.

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