Ayurvedic treatment for Leucorrhea (White Discharge) in Female

Leucorrhea is also known as white discharge and it is normally seen in females. It is a situation in which white, yellowish and sticky substances released from the vagina. It is very normal for females and every woman experiences this during their reproductive years. Having white discharge 2-3 times in a day is very usual as it is a natural way of cleaning, lubricating and protecting the reproductive organs from infections. But if you are facing this more than 2-3 times then it is a matter of concern.
White discharge in female has become a common problem nowadays. You can find every next girl confronting this problem. Basically, leucorrhea is not any disease itself but it could be a symptom of diseases like anemia, diabetes, some bacterial infection or due to sexually transmitted diseases.
Unfortunately, most of the women embarrassed while discussing this problem with doctors but if you haven’t taken treatment on time, it will lead to severe disease.

A little careless towards white discharge may lead to issues like-

 Diabetes
 Anemia
 Indigestion
 Constipation
 Hormonal disturbances
 Local injury
 Vaginal atrophy
 Bacterial infection

What are the symptoms of leucorrhoea?
 Thick and white/yellow substance release from vagina
 Pain in back and leg
 Intense itching in vagina
 Lower abdominal pain
 Burning urination and frequently feeling of urine pressure
 Disturbance of digestion
 Irritation and lack of concentration in work
 Tiredness
 Strong smell of discharge and rashes

Uncountable treatments are available in the market like homeopathic, allopathic, etc but Ayurveda is one of the best ways to deal with any disease. Ayurveda is an ancient science that treats the disease with the combination of herbs, leaves, tree barks, lifestyle tweaks, and massages. Let’s discuss some natural home remedies to cure leucorrhea.

1. Ladies finger
Green vegetables are rich in minerals and proteins that help in treating many problems related
to the body. Leucorrhea is also one of the problems that can be treated with ladyfinger. It is
quite interesting to hear but the ladyfinger has minerals that have the potential to cure white
discharge in no time. All you need to do is to boil some pieces of lady finger for 20 minutes at
least in water. Once you have done with boiling, strain it and drink it as a tonic.
2. Amaranth root
This herb has antibacterial properties that are ideal to flush out the toxins which are the main
reason for leucorrhoea. This herb also helps to treat the various other vaginal disorders. You
can consume it according to your feasibility. Either make a powder of this root by grinding it
and takes it with water or boil leaves and branches in water, strain it and take it as a tonic twice
a day.
3. Mango seeds
Being a tastier fruit, it has also many minerals that are beneficial for the human body. If you are
wondering how to consume mango seeds then let us tell you that it is not a big task. You can
dry the mango seeds. Once they get dry, convert them into a powder by grinding. This powder
can be consumed by adding it into the water in order to eliminate white discharge disorder.
4. Walnut leaves
It is to be said that walnut leaves have astringent properties that can heal the infection. Most of
the people wonder how it can help in eliminating leucorrhea disorder. Boil leaves of the walnut
in water for 20 minutes. Once it is done, strain the entire water and leave it to get cool. Now,
apply the substance on the vaginal area and repeat the process for at least 3-4 a day for rapid
5. Hygiene
Using unclean toilets, poor hygiene or unwashed panties are some of the most common causes of leucorrhoea. According to medical research, girls should use clean toilets and toiletries and should be more careful at the time menstrual cycle. Cleanliness plays a crucial role in maintaining your private part hygiene. So, clean your private parts routinely and can create
better living conditions and also helps in treating this ailment.
6. Intakes
According to medical science, bad eating habits can change your body cycle. And Ayurveda claims that having a properly balanced diet can cure most of the ailment. One should eliminate fried, oily, fast, junk, fatty food from her diet that can help to control the white discharge
disorder of the women.
Other ayurvedic treatments-
Besides doing the aforementioned treatments for white discharge you can also follow
appended easy home remedies.
1. The research said- drink plenty of water in a day which is the best and easiest remedy to
treat white discharge.
2. Take 3 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and boil it in a liter of water. Continue the boiling
till the water reduces to half. Now, let it cool and drink a bowl of it every morning.
3. Additionally, females can add lime juice in water or neem water to wash their vaginal area.

According to the studies, all these remedies are enough effective for controlling leucorrhea.

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