Lifestyle Diseases In Women And How Ayurveda Can Correct It – Dr.Mini Nair

 An apple in a day keeps the doctor away’. This saying was quite famous a long time back but it might
not be possible in today’s scenario due to the busy schedule, especially for the women. Gone are the
days, when a woman is limited to their doors only. In this advanced culture, a woman plays multiple
roles in their life. Mostly they neglect their own health in the rush of their career and home activities.
Tight deadlines and work pressure are quite common reasons to misbalance their lifestyle and
enhancing ailments like depression, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity.
According to the studies, women with 20-40 age groups are suffering from lifestyle diseases. They give
more importance to their careers rather than their own health. Consequently, they are pushing their life
at risk. They are unable to give appropriate time to themselves. Lack of time doesn’t allow them to get
proper sleep and they also don’t do exercise which is quite important for a healthy lifestyle. A busy
lifestyle results in an improper diet that leads to poor nutrition resulting in iron and minerals deficiency.
All these misbalance routine leads to irritation, mental depression, stress, tiredness and they become
part of their lives which badly affects women hormones that play a crucial role in a woman’s body.
Lifestyle diseases of women are not limited to stress, depression, and diabetes but sometimes women
also face irregular menstrual cycle, menstrual pain, premenstrual pain, acne, anemia and many more.
Though we are amid with several solutions to cure these ailments like therapy, allopathic medicines, etc
and they also claim to eliminate or reduce the diseases with their treatments but sticking to heavy doses
like pain killers or self-dependency on medication is not a good idea. It is better to take ayurvedic
treatment which doesn’t only control these ailments but also prevents further risks.

Lifestyle diseases in women

 Diabetes
 Obesity
 Hyperlipidemia
 Hypertension
 Cancers
Causes of lifestyle disorders
 Unhealthy food
 Overeating
 Processed food
 Poor sleep
 Energy drinks
 Smoking and drinking alcohol
 Sedentary living
 Diet and modern lifestyle
 No physical activities

Ayurveda is a foremost solution provider in the forms of proper dietary management, lifetime advice,
panchakarmas like bio-purification and detoxification procedures, medicaments and rejuvenation

1. Ahara (Diet)
Ahara (diet) is considered as crucial for the human body as it provides basic nutrients and promotes
longevity. Ayurveda always emphasizes consuming a healthy and nutritious diet to maintaining good
health. As per the view of the Ayurveda, most of the diseases can be ignored with the help of a healthy
diet. One should include healthy items in her meal like green vegetables, fruits, milk, ghee, nutrients,
and minerals rich items.
2. Daivavyapashraya chikitsa
It includes ritual activities like chanting mantras, use of herbs like aushadhi and mani karma, Bali, fasting,
swastyayana, etc that directly or indirectly exert a positive impact on the mind and promote physical
health, revamp stress and reduce negative thoughts. Moreover, religious or spiritual activities also help
to calm the mind and prevent lifestyle disorders.
3. Panchakarma
Panchakarma is a combination of five principle procedures or technologies used for bio-purification.
These procedures are used in order to clean the body impurities, eliminate toxins from the body and
many more. Once this procedure is done properly, it will promote psychosomatic health and rejuvenate
the body. Panchkarma includes Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis), virechan (Therapeutic purgation),
Asthapan Basti (Therapeutic decoction enema), Anuvasana Basti (Therapeutic oil Enema) and Nasya
Karma (Nasal Medication). Panchakarma is too beneficial for the human body as it restores the mental
strength, reduces stress, and also helps in the prevention and management of lifestyle diseases.
4. Sadvratta and Achara Rasayana
These two terms are limitless and include sexual relations, early sleeping, and awakening, avoid excess
exertion, the regime of bathing, etc. These lifestyles adaption is always helpful in the prevention of
lifestyle disorders. Furthermore, it also suggests maintaining distance from social media, mobile, social
networks, etc.
5. Dincharya
A daily routine is very important for day to day biological clock. And Ayurveda strictly suggests
maintaining your daily routine and following it. One should begin the day with awareness, early rising,
toiletries, keep the teeth and body clean, regular bathing, proper and suitable intakes, etc. Ayurveda
also denies for late night sleep and awake, having improper and stale food, having intercourse with an
inappropriate partner and at unsuitable time and position. These might leads to an imbalance of your
body cycle and cause a lifestyle disorder.

Hence, Ayurveda has an upper edge in treating lifestyle disorders with an emphasis on its root cause if
you take it seriously. In Ayurvedic Hospital, Dr. Mini Nair concentrates on achieving the objectives for
the promotion of health, prevention and management of lifestyle disorders. She always focuses on a
healthy and happy life of the patients who are suffering from lifestyle diseases. Ayurveda Hospital and
its doctors are quite concerning and dedicated about the Ayurveda and its treatment as they find it safe
and effectual. So, drop the idea of approaching other treatments and hospitals when Ayurveda and
Ayurveda Hospital is amid you.