Tinnitus (Karna Nada)

Tinnitus is an ear disorder in which there is an unwelcomed sensation of ringing in the ears like
hissing, roaring, whistling, clicking and chirping. The term ‘tinnitus’ is derived from the Latin
word Tinnire which means ring. This problem is very common in old age but if one is
confronting it in small age then it should be taken seriously.
However, there is no cure for this disorder in modern treatments. Nevertheless, many
hospitals, doctors and medical stores claim to cure it with medicine but they do not have good
results. But the good news is that Ayurveda never let its patients disheartened. Here, Ayurveda
has herbal remedies that can effectively minimize tinnitus. Before dealing with the Ayurvedic
remedies, we will discuss the cause and symptoms of tinnitus.
However, the exact physiological causes of tinnitus are unknown to science but still, several
causes are observed in studies and that are like-
Wax build -up in the ear canal- Every individual produces a different amount of wax.
Sometimes people produce enough and bad quality of wax that damages their hearing
power and affects the ears poorly.
Noise – induced hearing loss- The power of tolerance of noise varies in individuals and
sometimes exposure to loud noise can damage and even destroy the hair cells placed in
the inner ear called cilia. Once these cells got damaged, they cannot be replaced and
Medications – Medication, although, are very helpful for the health but some
medications are ototoxic i.e. toxic to the ears. Not all medications are harmful as few
have no side effects, for example, aspirin, aspirin, quinine, etc. Effects can depend on
the quantity of medication and it can be temporary or permanent.
Jaw Misalignment – One other major cause of tinnitus is a misalignment of jaw joints and
jaw muscles. Many dentists can assist with the treatment of jaw misalignments.
Alongside this, it can be started by the removal of wisdom teeth if cranial nerves in the
neighborhood get damaged.
Particular tumors – Some of the people have a benign and slow-growing tumor on their
vestibular, auditory or facial nerves and consequently, these tumors can cause tinnitus,
loss of balance, facial paralysis and deafness.
Head and neck trauma – Physical Trauma to head and neck also leads to tinnitus.

Symptoms of tinnitus
 Feel dizzy
 Hearing loss
 Ringing sound
 Booming sensation in ears
 Sounds like clicking, rushing

Ayurvedic Treatment of Tinnitus


Ayurvedic treatment involves the use of herbs and natural medicines that are not harmful to
health. With the help of the natural treatment in tinnitus that pacifies the VATA humor and
reserves the damage of ear. For the rebuilt of the ear, Ayurveda is the effectual treatment and
it is better to use the ayurvedic therapies along with herbal medicines.
*Giloy ( Tinospora Cordifilia)
Giloy has been using as immunity booster from the time of our ancestors. It is beneficial to cure
a variety of diseases like infections, fever, and respiratory disorders. In tinnitus, it helps pacify
the aggravated VATA humor and eliminate tinnitus slowly and gradually.
*Vacha (Acorus Calamus)
Tinnitus is also a VATA disease and Vacha is an ideal remedy to treat VATA disorder.
*Pitpapda (Fumaria Officinalis)
Pitpapda helps in cleaning the blood and revamps the defense mechanism of the body against
several diseases. It is also effective for tinnitus as it reduces the VATA and pita humor and
decreases the abnormal sounds that happen in the ears.
*Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
This herb gives strength to the acoustic nerve, inner ear and hearing center in the brain.
*Sariva (Hemidesmus Indicus)
Sariva is the most effective herb for the treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus. It has been using
for hundreds of years to cure this disease. Not only this, this ayurvedic herb is beneficial in
many diseases. Due to its diuretic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, it leverages in kidney
disease, joint disorders, and other inflammatory diseases. Moreover, it is also effective in
kidney failure and nephritis. Overall, it is the productive herb among all that has the potential to
treat several diseases.
These are the natural herbs that have proved an effectual remedy for tinnitus. But one should
also focus on the lifestyle and food for better results.
According to the Ayurveda, things to do-
 Keeping yourself active, mentally and physically both is the foremost thing. You can take
part in games and do regular exercise to keep yourself physically and mentally active.
 One should take proper sleep.
 Ghee is beneficial for the Tinnitus, so one can increase the intake of ghee.
 Identify the food items before having them and avoid those items that cause increase in

Ringing Symptoms.

 According to Ayurveda, things not to do-

 Several foods like tea, coffee, chocolates, cold drinks may worsen the condition of
 Alcohol is also harmful in tinnitus.
 Smoking directly or indirectly affects your body parts. Avoid smoking to reduce its effect
on the brain, organs, and blood vessels.
Though modern medicines have achieved so much still they have no cure for some diseases like
tinnitus. But you can’t lose your hope here because Ayurveda has the potential to reduce
tinnitus. Ayurveda Hospital can help you a lot to eliminate tinnitus. The main goal of the
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