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It has been estimated by the American Thyroid Association that 20 million people have some form of thyroid disease. Most of the time people come to know very late that they have thyroid disease because there are no clinical signs visible externally. Only a blood test is the medium to deduce the presence of this disease in a body. Most of the time, it is detected during or after pregnancy. Hypothyroidism is that condition in which thyroid gland does not produce thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) in adequate amount.


Thyroid Gland 


An endocrine gland located below the thyroid cartilage in the neck is the Thyroid Gland. What this gland does, is producing thyroid hormones mainly triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Both iodine and tyrosine synthesize T3 and T4. Calcitonin that plays a vital role in calcium homeostasis is also produced by the thyroid.

Two conditions, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, are resulted from impairment of the thyroid glands. And, out of these two conditions hypothyroidism is more common. Although in other types of treatments patient needs to take medication for whole life but Ayurveda understands the root cause of every disease and offers best Ayurvedic Treatment For Thyroid Problem with various treatments and remedies for limited duration.


Reasons behind Thyroid disease


  1. Thyroid condition is very stressful for the patient as it is an autoimmune disorder. There is a condition called autoimmune thyroiditis in which antibodies that present in the body attack the thyroid glands itself. And, it leads to the destruction of the thyroid gland eventually.   
  2. Physical and mental stress is the primary source of this disorder. Such stress incorporates disturbed sleep patterns, environmental risk factors, irregular lifestyle, unhealthy food and many more. Emotional trauma, family disputes, work pressure are also contributing factors in Thyroid disorder.
  3. Metabolic or digestive disorders are the other factors that exaggerate this disease.
  4. Intake of some medicines, cancer and congenital defects can be the potential reasons behind Thyroid disease.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Thyroid:

In Ayurveda, there are various prominent procedures for treating Thyroid disease.

  • Internal medicine – Every ayurvedic hospital or doctor has its medication that differs from person to person and most of the time according to the difference in symptoms. However, Ayurhealing is the best Ayurveda Hospital In Bangalore that provides the best Ayurvedic Treatment For Thyroid Problem
  • Panchkarma Treatment – Every doctor will always be in favor of the best treatment for the well being of patients. So, if you are a Thyroid patient and looking for the effective treatment for that you must go for Panchkarma treatment. Ayurhealing is the Best Ayurveda Hospital In Bangalore that provides the best Panchkarma treatment and it is considered as the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Thyroid Problem. There are five treatments in Panchkarma Treatment which are mentioned below
  • Vaman – In Ayurveda, Vaman implies therapeutic vomiting that means medicated emesis. The main purpose for which it is performed is aggravated Kapha dosha. It is done for detoxification mainly from the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract.


  • Vasthi/BastiOne of the prominent procedures of panchakarma in Ayurveda is Vasthi/Basti. It is best for ‘Vata’ and mainly of two types ‘anuvasana and asthapana’. This is done with the help of bastiputaka (animal bladder); moreover, it is specially prepared wooden/metal catheter/nozzle.
  • Rakta Moksha Bloodletting is the term which is commonly used for Rakta Moksha. This procedure can be managed by numerous means that completely depend on the ailments.
  • Purgation or VirechanaThe main purpose of this procedure is eliminating excessive Pitta Dosha from the body. 
  • NasyaIn this procedure, beneficial herbal oils, powders or juices are infused through the nasal route. It is considered as the best Ayurvedic Treatment For Thyroid.             

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