PCOS and Hair Loss – By Dr.Mini Nair

Women deal with various health disorders and PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one of them. PCOS primarily causes infertility among women but it also impacts their overall health. PCOS is associated with several disorders including hormonal disbalance. Due to which it weakens your hairs and causes hair loss. Ayurveda has several remedies to treat PCOS and its associated hair fall.

Every Ayurvedic remedy is useful, be it a natural remedy or Ayurveda Therapy such as Panchkarma, Sirodhara, , Meditation, and a balanced diet.


  1. Medications
    Though Ayurveda is all about natural remedies. There are several Ayurvedic medications made up of herbs that have a positive effect on hair fall caused by PCOS. These medications help to stimulate ovulation, regulate menstruation to balance hormonal levels, remove cysts in ovaries, and help unnatural conception.Some of the useful herbs include Shatavari, Dashamoola, Kunmaryasava, Ashokarishta, etc should be taken based on the body condition, under expert guidance.
  1. Shirodhara
    Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic therapy that includes pouring warm oil on the head to continue the stream. This process is essentially used for hormone stabilization, lowering stress, mental relaxation, controlling blood pressure, and eventually controlling hair fall. Apart from healing PCOS and hair fall, it also helps in calming the nervous system.
  1. Udwarthanam
    The process of dry powder massage for the removal of excess Kapha or toxins, using medication, is called Udwarthana. This process improves the blood pressure and helps you with the relaxation that promotes good health and prevents hair loss.
  1. Balanced Diet
    Along with the Ayurvedic therapies and other treatments, a balanced diet is also equally important for your well-being. Besides everything, you cannot forget about eating a well-balanced nutritious diet. A balanced diet doesn’t only include nutritious food with fruits and green vegetables but you need to completely avoid junk foods and have proper sleep at night. Along with this, meditation or exercise for 30 minutes a day helps to maintain your emotional health that helps to prevent hair loss and promote good health.

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